Google introduces Smart Reply in Inbox by Gmail

Replying to email can be a cumbersome task, and Google wants to once again make it easier with Smart Reply. The new feature will be making its way to Inbox by Gmail, and it aims to reduce the amount of time spent composing replies. Smart Reply will suggest various responses to your emails, reducing the amount of time you need to spend typing the words.

Smart Reply suggests up to three responses based on the emails you get. For those emails that only need a quick response, it can take care of the thinking and save precious time spent typing. And for those emails that require a bit more thought, it gives you a jump start so you can respond right away.

Behind the scenes, Inbox uses machine learning to recognize emails that typically need a response, and then works to generate the natural language response for you. Smart Reply will be rolling out this week through Google Play, so be on the lookout for an update to hit your phone.

Source: Gmail Blog