Google's Design for Proposed Headquarters

Google first announced its plans to redevelop four sites in the North Bayshore district of Mountain View in February. The design drawings for the offices that Google wanted to construct on those sites look like something out of a science fiction movie. Google said it wanted to make the buildings using lightweight, moveable structures.

Google had its eyes on 2.2 million square feet of real estate space in the North Bayshore district, but so did the business-themed social networking company LinkedIn for its own office expansion plans. According to The Silicon Valley Business Journal, the Mountain View city council voted 4-3 to give 1.4 million square feet of that space to LinkedIn, which reduced its request by just 12 percent. Google got only 515,000 square feet, a reduction of 76 percent, which is enough for just one of its four planned buildings.

David Radcliffe, vice president of real estate for Google, said that the city council's vote will make the company's plans for new office space harder to achieve:

"It would be very difficult for us. We have a growth trajectory and were considering substantially more than this as a baseline. This doesn't even come close to fulfill that."

Google could still try to add new office space in other Silicon Valley-based properties it owns, including a 1.1 million-square-foot location at Moffet Field, California.

Source: The Silicon Valley Business Journal