Google's Nexus 6 spotted engulfing the hand of its user on a bus ride

Google's highly anticipated and unannounced Nexus 6 may have been publicly spotted out in the wild. From the looks of the image captured, it appears that someone was using the large-sized phone on a public transportation commute with a protective case around it. Despite its large size with a rumored 6-inch display, it looks like the user of the phone is able to navigate around the interface singlehandedly.

At this time, it's speculated that the Nexus 6 would sport a similar design to Motorola's flagship Moto X, but would arrive with a larger, near-6-inch display. From the photo, we can see that the device is running the announced but not yet commercially released Android L operating system. In the upper left hand of the notification bar at the top, we see a heart icon, and at this time it's unclear if that's a notification for a third-party app or if it's something that's Google-made, like Google Fit.

It's difficult to make out from the photo, but we should be treated with stereo dual front-facing speakers on the Nexus 6, which is also known by its codename of Shamu.

What do you think of the Nexus 6? With the phone rumored for a launch sometime this month, are you ready to upgrade your Nexus 5 to an even bigger Nexus experience?

Source: Android Police