As Google promised when the original Contributor program was entirely erased earlier this month, a replacement is on the way. There aren't many details yet, and it's not clear if this will look anything like the original service that killed ads in exchange for a monthly fee from users, but at least we know it's not dead forever right?

Google Contributor

Instead of a dead page, Google's Contributor site now includes a link to a Google Form where you can ask to be a part of early trials for the "new and improved" Contributor. Amazingly, the URL for this sign up page includes the words "sign up disabled" but the link on the page clearly works. No one outside of Mountain View knows what that means yet, but as long as the core idea remains there's a good chance this will be perfect for those who can't stand ads but also want to support the sites they love.

Go forth and sign up for that early access, and be sure to drop us a line if you get to try anything cool before we do!