Google Santa Tracker

Google's yearly refresh of its Santa Tracker always brings some new fun and a fresh take on the Santa story, and the 2016 iteration is now available in Google Play and on the web. As always, the Santa Tracker app and website bring tons of interactive activities and games to help kids pass the time while waiting for Santa to arrive.

Alongside a full slate of simple and fun games in the app, there's a new game called Present Quest that actually tasks you with walking around in your city to collect virtual presents and drop them off places. Santa's Village has been redesigned and upgraded in both the app and web as well, and if you head to the website on your computer you'll have a different set of browser games available.

The new app and website are full of good fun time killers for kids and adults alike, even if you don't want to get up and walk around in the cold for a high score in Present Quest. Download the Santa Tracker today, and maybe you'll enjoy playing some games whne you're with the family this holiday season and even throw up the complete Santa Tracker experience on your Chromecast when we hit December 24.