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Google's monthly security patch notes didn't specifically mention an update to the Pixel C, but checking out the Google Developers factory image list revealed a new image for the tablet. This is the first update for the Pixel C, and it's right in line with Google's promise that this tablet would receive updates either every six weeks or within the cadence of Google's Nexus line.

We don't yet have a complete changelog for the Pixel C update, but here's what we've found so far.

The first and most obvious change to the Pixel C is the update to Security Level February 1, 2016. Given the date of release for this image, it's not a surprise that this update would include the latest security updates being made available to the Nexus line. We've got a good idea of what these security updates include, but since this is not a Nexus there's a few more things going on in this update.

Pixel C Keyboard Update

Shortly after flashing the update, a new notification arrived prompting users to update the firmware of the Pixel C keyboard. The instructions include connecting the keyboard, downloading the update, and keeping the keyboard attached for three minutes while the update is pushed to the keyboard over Bluetooth. Since one of the big problems with the Pixel C from our initial review was the occasional lag and repeating keystrokes that came from a less-than-stellar connection to this keyboard, this is a much-needed update from Google.

If there's more going on in this update, we've not stumbled across it yet. This update will be released via OTA over the next week, and it's likely we'll get a proper changelog from the Pixel C team in the mean time to let everyone know what is going on under the hood. In the mean time, enjoy your first update!

Google Pixel C


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