Google's Alphabet restructure takes place Oct 2

Back in August, Google announced that some changes were going to be taking place, and a new parent company, Alphabet, was being formed. Those changes are finally going to take place at end of business on October 2, as Google's Investor Relations blog has been updated with a statement from the company about the changes.

Google Inc. announced today that, pursuant to its previously announced plans to create a new public holding company, Alphabet Inc. ("Alphabet"), by implementing a holding company reorganization (the "Alphabet Merger"), it expects that the Alphabet Merger will close after the close of business on October 2, 2015. Google anticipates that shares of Google Class C Capital Stock and shares of Google Class A Common Stock will begin trading as Alphabet Class C Capital Stock and Alphabet Class A Common Stock, respectively, on the NASDAQ Global Select Market on October 5, 2015. Shares of Alphabet Class C Capital Stock and shares of Alphabet Class A Common Stock will continue to be traded under the same ticker symbols under GOOG and GOOGL, respectively.

So, what will that mean for you? Not much. Google will become a company of Alphabet's, its services will remain in place and operating the way that they are now. Android, YouTube, Search and Maps all remain under the control of Google, with businesses like Google Fiber, Nest, Google X and others to be managed as separate subsidiaries.

Source: Google Investor Relations