Google's Accessibility Scanner aims to improve app accessibility

Google has introduced a new app designed to help developers make their apps more accessible. Accessibility Scanner can suggest improvements to apps, such as enlarging small touch targets, changing the contrast, and more. While developers can use the app to find areas where their own applications need improvement, Google also encourages other people to use it to provide feedback to developers.

To use Accessibility Scanner, you'll first need to give it permission to run within apps on your device by going to Settings, selecting Accessibility, then turning Accessibility Scanner 'On'. Once it's turned on, an Accessibility Scanner button will float on top of your screen, wherever you go. Tap the button, and the app you're in will be scanned, with the results sent to Accessibility Scanner.

Tapping on individual app results will show you a highlighted screenshot, and you can tap the list menu in the upper right corner to get a detailed breakdown of the issues. You can then email the results to the recipient of your choice.

You can grab Accessibility Scanner from the Google Play Store right now