Google has released an update post on how the Accelerated Mobile Pages project is progressing. It's stated that numerous publishers, technology providers and developers have pledged support for the project by expressing interest and/or implementing support. Google made the project official back in October, which aims to make the web faster and more responsive for those on mobile hardware.

Publishers who have expressed interest in AMP include BBC, Sankei, New York Times, News Corp, AOL, International Business Time/Newsweek, and Washington Post. The Local Media Consortium, composing of more than 70 media companies and representing 1,600 local newspapers and TV stations has also voiced support. Since AMP is an open source initiative, it's fully unlocked for partners to adopt. Many in the advertising market have already done so, including the likes of Outbrain, AOL, OpenX, DoubleClick, and AdSense.

Google has also won the support of various analytics services, with comScore, Adobe Analytics,, Google's own Analytics and Chartbeat all stating intentions to provide analytics support for AMP pages within available tools. As for developers, more than 4,500 have signed up to follow the projects ongoing discussions on GitHub. It's expected AMP will hit search next year. Should you be interested to learn more about AMP, head to the official blog, website and check out the GitHub.

Source: AMP