Google Voice voicemail transcriptions are now 49 percent less confusing

If you've been flummoxed at some of the errors you've gotten in Google Voice's voicemail transcription, you'll be happy to know that things are getting better. Google announced that they have used user-submitted feedback to improve voice transcription accuracy for Google Voice and Project Fi users by 49 percent. From Google:

Thanks to those who participated, we are happy to announce an improved voicemail system in Google Voice and Project Fi that delivers more accurate transcriptions. Using a (deep breath) long short-term memory deep recurrent neural network (whew!), we cut our transcription errors by 49%.

And there you have it. You should start seeing fewer errors with your voicemail transcriptions, hopefully allowing that scar from all of the head-scratching over what your dad was trying to say to finally heal over.

Source: Google