Google talks making search, web, and mobile faster and lighter


Google highlighted their efforts to make the web, search, and mobile faster and easier to access around the world. As the company expects to see 1.2 billion smartphones in Mexico, China, Brazil, India, and other developing phone markets, they want to make the experience of buying and using mobile devices better than before. This has led to initiatives like Android One, and making search results lighter and faster.

With search results, Google has been able to implement search results that are one-tenth of their normal size in countries where fast broadband and mobile connections are not prevalent. Thanks to this, results come four times faster than they used to, and pages are 80 percent lighter. Lightness is important, because a quarter of new Android devices will use 512MB of RAM.

Google also announced support for YouTube Offline in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. This will make it easier to watch YouTube videos on the go. Videos can be watched for 48 hours after they are saved.

Keep your eyes locked on the Android Central liveblog of today's Google I/O keynote for the latest.