Indian subscribers may soon find it easier to buy content from the Play Store, as it was revealed by the Times of India today that Google was in talks with Airtel to enable carrier billing in the country.

Boasting a subscriber base of 40 million (of which 12.5 million are on 3G), Airtel is the largest carrier in the country. Carrier billing makes sense for an emerging market like India, where credit card penetration is currently at 2 percent. Allowing customers to pay for digital goods as a part of their carrier bill will allow a much wider range of customers access to Google's paid services.

According to the proverbial sources familiar with the matter, Google and Airtel are negotiating on revenue sharing. The search giant is said to have been asking for as much as 90 percent of the revenues, with Airtel looking to strike a better deal. Once the negotiations between the two companies come to a close, the deal will be scrutinized by regulatory authorities, after which the service will be made official.

The move, coming on the heels of the launch of Android One in the country, signifies an ongoing effort by Google in making its range of services easily accessible to customers in emerging markets.

Indian readers, would you be more willing to buy content if you could charge it to your carrier bill? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Times of India