VMware partnership to bring Windows desktop apps to Chrome OS through the cloud

Virtualization company VMware is to help bring Windows desktop applications to Chrome OS in partnership with Google. VMWare's Horizon DaaS (Desktop as a Service) will allow Chromebook users in enterprise to bring connect to a virtual "Windows experience" in the cloud, where they can run Windows desktop apps through Google's browser-centric OS. The move is a challenge to Microsoft in the enterprise space as Google looks to pick away at Redmond's market share among businesses.

Google will be hoping an easier transition from Windows to Chrome OS will allow it to wean enterprise customers off the Microsoft ecosystem, while making Chromebooks more appealing to those still reliant on full-blown Windows apps. In its blog post today Google points to the impending end-of-life date for Windows XP — Apr. 8, 2014 — as well as the need to migrate "legacy" applications to more up-to-date hardware, and the security advantages of running older software in a virtualized environment.

The new DaaS service is available now through VMware's Horizon View 5.3 software as an "on-premise" service, with plans to deploy the software to the Chrome Web Store at a future date.

Source: Google Enterprise