Google steps up web security with USB Security Key

Google is stepping up security for its services on the web, adding a new physical key method of verifying your identity with the Security Key. Security Key is a USB drive that allows you to verify your login in Google services like Gmail or Google Drive as you would with standard 2-step verification, but without the need to enter a code.

In addition to providing you with a more secure form of 2-step verification, the Security Key also prevents you from entering your login credentials on malicious websites pretending to be Google services. While using Chrome, insert the Key into a USB port on your computer, then tap it when prompted in Chrome. After the Key verifies that the site is genuine, log in to the site as you normally would.

The Security Key has been developed in coordination with the FIDO Alliance, and incorporates the Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) protocol. This allows other, non-Google websites to enable use of the Security Key for their services.

For now, Security Key only works in Google Chrome, but Google says that they hope that other browsers will add support for FIDO U2F, which will allow users to carry and use a single Security Key. You can purchase a FIDO Security Key on Amazon right now.

Source: Google