Google Slides

There are few situations where that one person who joins a meeting through Hangouts on a mobile device is appreciated, but an update to Google Slides is likely to change that. The update adds Hangouts sharing for your projects, which means you can start a presentation from your smartphone and have it play in the group Hangout as though you had loaded it from your desktop.

This change effectively makes your smartphone or tablet the entire presentation setup, as the play mode in Slides gives you the ability to quickly flip through the presentation and access notes you may have left yourself while everyone else is looking at the current slide.

Google Slides Hangouts

Users now have a remote solution to match the local solution found in the Chromecast share function that was added recently. It's an incredibly cool update to the Slides presentation system, continuing the efforts to make your phone all you need to present. This update should be rolling out to everyone later today.