The promise of what Google Glass can provide is what nerd dreams are made of, and Google is showing off some of its potential capabilities in a new "how it feels" commercial that released today. Similarly to the first Google Glass commercial from last year, the video takes on the first-person POV to show the capabilities of glass in real-world situations. Not everyone will be flying stunt planes or doing aerial trapeze tricks, but Google also shows more realistic applications -- like playing catch with your dog, swinging your child around with both hands, or riding a rollercoaster.

We also get a better idea of how we'll be able to control and see the information presented by Glass. Voice prompts are started with the command "ok, glass" -- so, for example "ok, glass take a picture", "google pictures of...", "start a hangout with..." -- and one clip shows waving in front of the screen to switch between information.

The heads-up display (for lack of a better name) is shown to be persistent in the top right corner of your vision, and shows information such as pictures you take, video times when recording, messages and transcriptions, search results, hangout views and Google Now-style cards with information like weather and navigation.

Google is opening up a competition to stir up excitement for Glass as well, which is open until February 27th, and will offer more people the opportunity to get their hands on the device at the cool price of $1500. We see huge potential for Google Glass going forward, and hope that these lofty concepts shown off in the commercials can become reality sooner than later.

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