Google Shopping gets facelift and new features in time for the holidays

Just in time for the holiday season, Google has updated Google Shopping on mobile to make it easier to find the products you're looking for. Overall, the experience has changed in a few notable ways. For starters, if someone doesn't know exactly what they're looking for a searches a general term, Google Shopping will now suggest commonly searched categories to help narrow things down. From there, shoppers can also narrow the search down further with suggested attributes like features, brand, and price.

Once you've gotten an idea of what you're looking for, you can now browse through products more easily. Google says:

Once a shopper's narrowed down her options, she can now easily browse through lots and lots of products without having to load entirely new pages to see more. She can get a feel for a specific product, such as a Lego Starwars Turbo Tank, that she's interested in by tapping on the product, flipping through images, skimming reviews and scanning product info. She can easily swipe to the next product or dig deeper into specs, features, and even videos to learn more about what you offer.

Similarly, if you already know exactly what you want and search for a particular product by name, Google Shopping will now surface more information right away, such as where it's in-stock, which merchants carry it, along with review snippets and manufacturer info. Finally, users can now search with the available nearby filter and Google Shopping will show a map of stores nearby that have the product in-stock.

It doesn't look like the new Google Shopping experience has arrived for everyone just yet, but it should be rolling out soon.

Source: Google