Google Sheets

Google Drive and Google Sheets for Android got some decent feature additions recently. Google Drive now lets users view changes made to files and folders from the details panel, along with a few new file management functions from the same pane.

You can also change view, comment, or edit permissions from the mobile app now. Meanwhile Google Sheets now allows users to open, edit, and save Microsoft Excel files. You can also view charts, insert formulas, and use find/replace throughout your spreadsheets.

Sheets was a relatively recent off-shoot from Drive, but can now handle all of your spreadsheet needs as a stand-alone app. Manage multiple pages, format cells, collaborate with peers, and, of course, have it all saved instantly to the cloud. Drive still does a stellar job of storing all of your files in the cloud for easy access later. It ties in seamlessly with Sheets and Docs, and has easy access to multiple Google accounts if you've got some juggling to do.

Go ahead and hop into the Google Play Store on your device to get the update. How many of you guys work with Microsoft Excel regularly? Does Google Sheets figure into your workflow regularly?