Whether you're out and about with friends, family, or just want to hit up your go-to restaurant on your own, there's no worse feeling than getting to your favorite eatery only to find out you'll have to wait an hour before being served. With the latest update to Google Search and Maps, this will soon be a thing of the past.

Search and Maps already show up-to-the-minute data for how busy a certain business or location is, but coming soon to these two services, you'll be able to see how long wait times are at restaurants.

To see these times, just search for the place you'd like to eat at, go to the business details, and where you can already see stats for how busy a place is, there will be new information under "Plan your visit" that tells you how long people typically wait based on the current time.

If you want to get even more detailed stats, you can also tap on the hour bars to see wait times for specific hours throughout the day to get an idea of when you'll wait the longest to grab your favorite slice of pizza or homemade chili.

Wait times will soon appear on Search and Maps, and Google says they'll be available for millions of restaurants around the globe.

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