System now live for those seeking help, still invite-only for experts

Google is making its aptly-named help service Helpouts official today, giving you access to experts in different areas via Google Hangouts. The basic premise of Helpouts is to work as a middleman for connecting those who need knowledge with those who have it on a certain topic, and letting those people learn from one another. The help can be about anything — music lessons, yoga tips, baking advice, you name it — and can be either free or paid.

We now know you can seek help from trusted brands as well as individuals, and that you'll have the full range of tools available to you through Hangouts normally. That means you can work on documents with your helper, share your screen, record the session and much more. Google is limiting the categories currently offering help, but seems to have a decent number of experts ready to go at this time.

Heading to the Helpouts page, you can simply type into an "I need help with..." search box and see results of people ready to help you. There are experts working for free, on a flat "per Helpout" or per minute rate available now, in genres from cooking to fashion and home & garden. If you're ready to give it a try, hit the second source link below.

Source: Google; Helpouts