Google may offer a new version of Glass to businesses soon

Google may soon offer a new version of its Google Glass wearable later this fall. A new report says that the company will keep the hype down on this release, as it plans to offer it to businesses working in healthcare, manufacturing, and energy.

According to The Wall Street Journal's sources, the plan is to give versions of the new Google Glass model to software developers who can create programs that would be used in business settings first, before those companies start using the device this fall. The report included some info on the improvements that have been made for this new version of Google Glass:

The new Glass is a curved rectangle, similar to the first Explorer version, but does not include a wire-like frame. Instead, it has a button-and-hinge system to attach the mini-computer to different glasses, the people said.

The new model has a faster Intel processor, improved battery life of as long as two hours and improved wireless connectivity, the people said. The cube-like glass prism used to project the display into users' field of vision is longer and thinner in the new version. This can be moved vertically as well as horizontally, while the first version offered only horizontal adjustment, one of those people said. Version two also comes with a battery pack that Google developed specifically to connect magnetically to the gadget, the people added.

The report adds that Google remains committed to launching a consumer version of Google Glass, but that product is at least a year away from being released. Google has not officially commented on these rumors.

Source: Wall Street Journal