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Google has gone and pushed out a pretty nice looking, 'interactive weather visualization' for weather searches on tablets. Bearing more than a passing resemblance to the new Google Now service introduced with Jelly Bean, searching for weather in a particular location in Google on your tablet, now brings up what we see here. It was rolled out to smartphone searches a few weeks ago, so it seems only right that tablets aren't left out. 

You'll get to see a pretty detailed snapshot of current, and upcoming weather information for your area. There's an hourly forecast to scroll through, equally there's also a ten-day forecast too. And, it looks pretty darn good. After all, who ever said that looking at the weather forecast had to be dull? 

It works -- as you would expect -- on Chrome, but we've also verified that it works too on the stock Android browser. Go ahead, give it a try in your browser of choice.

And, for a little pro tip, why not add a weather search for your home, work, whichever chosen location, to your bookmarks in the stock browser on your device. Add that bookmark to your homescreen, and you've got yourselves a pretty powerful local weather forecast, right at your fingertips. 

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