Google reportedly adding a 'Buy' button to some mobile search results

In an effort to compete with the likes of Amazon, Google will reportedly add a "Buy" button on search results pages fairly soon. The buttons will appear as part of sponsored search results for select products. Tapping the buy button will take users to a product page to actually buy the item.

Products will still be sold by retailers, with Google simply providing easy access, according to The Wall Street Journal:

The products will still be provided and sold by retailers, rather than by Google. Retailers including Macy's Inc. are in talks with Google about taking part in the launch, the people added. A Macy's spokesman didn't respond to a request for comment on Friday.

Buy buttons will apparently not be making to desktop search results, at least not yet. Additionally, they will reportedly remain not show up next to standard search results.

Google is also reportedly willing to allow customers to opt-in to the same retailer-provided marketing programs that they would be eligible for when using retailer websites. This would give merchants access to the same customer information, such as addresses and phone numbers, that they would have if the shopper was visiting the retailer's own site.

Google will apparently not be taking a cut of purchases made from the new program. Instead, companies will pay Google through their existing advertising model.

Source: The Wall Street Journal