Google reportedly has a small team working on future battery tech

The team of four is reportedly part of Google X, the same arm of the company responsible for other Google projects such as its self-driving car and Project Loon. The Wall Street Journal reports:

In late 2012, a team led by former Apple Inc. battery expert Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj began testing batteries developed by others for use in Google devices. About a year later, the group expanded to look at battery technologies that Google might develop itself, according to people familiar with the matter.

Though one obvious goal to this project would be to increase smartphone battery life, the report indicates that the team is also focusing its efforts in improving battery tech across a range of devices:

At Google, Dr. Bhardwaj's group is trying to advance current lithium-ion technology and the cutting-edge solid-state batteries for consumer devices, such as Glass and Google's glucose-measuring contact lens, according to the people familiar with the matter.

It isn't hard to see the benefits of such research for Google in applications like its self-driving car, and even Project Loon. And if the recent consumer trend towards smartwatches and fitness trackers is any indication, there's no doubt that the technology we interact with on a daily basis is bound to come in increasingly smaller form factors. As these devices become smaller, there will be some definite technological hurdles to overcome for the batteries that power them. If this latest report is true, it looks like Google is poised to tackle these problems head-on.

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Source: The Wall Street Journal