According to a new report, the Chromecast may not be the only thing Google is revamping. Earlier it was reported that Google is working on a new Chromecast hardware which will bring several new features, and now it has been revealed that the company may be bringing new functionality to the companion app as well. With feature additions of suggested apps, a 'What's on' feature, and more, the revamped app could be quite useful.

First, there appears to be a section referred to as "What's On," which allows you to browse content offered through various Chromecast-supported apps. At least based on the screenshots and documents we've seen, the app will show you different movies, videos, and other content from within the apps you have installed on your device.

In addition to the suggested content, the updated Chromecast app is said to have a section which will show which apps you have installed that are Chromecast-compatible, as well as suggest others for you to install. Finally, the beyond blurry screen shots show that the app may be receiving a design overhaul. It is possible we may find out more about all of this on September 29, when Google is rumored to be holding the next Nexus event.

Source: 9to5Google