Google releases Unity plugin to help developers make Chromecast-compatible games

Google is making it easier for developers to bring their games to the big screen with the release of the Google Cast Remote Display plugin for the Unity game engine. With the plugin, developers will be able to make games based on Unity castable to Chromecast. From Google:

Today we launched the Google Cast Remote Display plugin for Unity to make it easy to take your Unity games to TVs. The Google Cast Remote Display APIs use the powerful GPUs, CPUs and sensors of your Android or iOS mobile device to render a local display on your mobile device and a remote display on your TV.

There are already games, like Risk and Monopoly Here & Now, using the plugin, but today's release makes it more widely available for all developers. If a game is already built on the cross-platform Unity engine, developers simply need to add the Remote Display plugin to their project, then do a little configuration with their scene and setting up cameras for local and remote displays.

If you're a developer interested in bringing your mobile game to the big screen, you can read up on the process at Google's blog post below.

Source: Google