Android Wear

Google has a dedicated section on the Play Store that highlights all Android Wear apps, but thus far, users have faced issues when installing paid apps on their devices. An encryption bug was found to be causing the issue, which prevented paid content from transferring via Bluetooth to devices like the G Watch and the Gear Live.

The issue lies in the way the apps are packaged. Instead of allowing users to browse for apps directly from their wearable devices, Google has stipulated that developers package the Android Wear compatible app along with a standard app that users can install from the Play Store onto their smartphones.

This method works fine for free apps, but fails to extract the wearable APK for paid content. Google has since issued a workaround as it tries to find a long-term fix. Essentially, Google says that developers have to manually change the directory in which the wearable APK is placed. For more information on how to do so, head on over to the Android developers page from the link below.

All that's left for us to do is wait for the developers to make these changes.

Source: Android developers