Smart Lock For Passwords


As part of the Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco today, the company launched the SDK for Google Play Services 7.5. It includes new features that Android developers can use in their apps, including Smart Lock for Passwords, which should help with using passwords on multiple devices and platforms. Here's how Google describes how Smart Lock for Passwords will work:

Typing in a password, particularly on a mobile device, is never a pleasant experience. In many cases, your users have already logged in on the web or another device - shouldn't your login process know that? Smart Lock for Passwords builds on the Chrome Password Manager, adding a new CredentialsApi API and UI on Android to retrieve saved credentials as part of your login process and saving new credentials for later use on other Android devices and any Chrome browser. Both password-based and Identity Provider (IDP, like Google Sign-In) credentials are supported. Keep your users logged in as they move between and to new devices; don't let them drop off, get frustrated, or end up with multiple accounts.

There are many other features included in Google Play Services 7.5, including a beta of App Invites, which allows developers to include support for sending invitations to download and install apps via SMS or emails. It also adds the Google Maps API to Android Wear apps so that fully interactive maps can be display on smartwatches. Keep in mind that all of these features are being offered to Android developers first and won't be available immediately to regular app users.

Source: Google