Perhaps one of the most notable additions in Google Play Services 7.0 is a new Places API. Google says:

Location can be so much more than a latitude and longitude: the new Places API makes it easy to get details from Google's database of places and businesses. The built-in place picker makes it easy for the user to pick their current place and provides all the relevant place details including name, address, phone number, website, and more.

On the Google Fit side of things, this update brings a number of new APIs for gathering and managing activity data. Google says the new APIs will help reduce the memory requirements for Google Fit-enabled apps running in the background.

Additionally, the update brings some further integration between AdMob and Google Analytics, enabling automatic retrieval of Google Analytics information with any implementation of the Google Mobile Ads SDK.

Finally, Google Play Services 7.0 brings the tools necessary to implement the newly-announced Nearby Connections API for Google Play Games, which allows end-users to use their smartphone or tablet as a controller for games running on their Android TV device.

While Google Play Services 7.0 is rolling out to devices over the next few days, Google says that the SDK will be available with full documentation at a later date. For much more in-depth information, be sure to check out Google's blog post from the source link below.

Source: Google