Google Play Services

Google has released the 4.4 update for Google Play services, along with a list of new services and APIs. Features have been tweaked and added in the Maps API, new activity recognition features have been added, Games Services have been tweaked to allow multiple game gifts, Wallet fragments now allow an Instant Buy button inside an app, and a new way of displaying mobile ads will allow more targeted ads and direct purchase.

Some major notes:

The Google Maps API now allows embeded Street View into an activity, with methods to programmatically control zoom and orientation of the Street View camera. In addition, developers can now animate camera movement over duration. In addition, more features have been bundled into the Indoor Maps feature.

Activity recognition in the location API has been updated to add two new activity detectors — running and walking. These will expand on the previous "on foot" activity, and open up ways for developers to interact with users in even better ways.

Google I/O is coming up shortly, and we expect to see even more of this sort of great news for developers.

You'll silently update Google Play services in the background on your Android device(s) when the gradual rollout decides it is your turn to play.

Source: Google