Music on Google TV

The Google Play Music app has received an update, which brings a few welcome and overdue features. One new feature is the support for expanded notifications for Jelly Bean devices. One of our favorite features of Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) is the richer and more interactive notifications, so it's great to see more apps taking advantage.  Plus, Google Play Music is one of my most used apps, so I'm definitely glad that I'll be able to control and view more directly from my notification tray. Another new item is a quick link to your Nexus Q settings should you have the Nexus Q app installed.

The update also brings support for Google TV devices. When we received Sony's new Google TV box last month, we were astonished to find that the Google Play Music app was deemed 'incompatible'. It was frustrating to say the least; If you are buying a Google TV unit, you expect to be able to install the core Google apps. This update has corrected that and should make the app work with the newer Google TV models, such as the Sony box mentioned earlier and the Vizio Co-Star.

To get the update or the free app, hit up our Google Play Store link, and screenshots of the notifications and settings are after the break.

Google Music update