Google Play Movies

Google Movies & TV today got visual refresh that also takes away another third of the functionality of the already defunct Nexus Q.

First, the important stuff: The app got a new layout and design that brings it more in line with Google's other apps, borrowing from the likes of Gmail and Google Play. The new navigation drawer is your portal to "Watch Now," which tries to predict what you'll want to see next, along with "My Movies," "My TV Shows" and "Shop," which takes you to Google Play. There's a shortcut in the overflow menu that'll take you to videos that you've shot with your phone or tablet, which is nice.

And now, the slightly disappointing part.

For the six of us who have a Nexus Q, Google has killed compatibility. First we lost Google Music with the All Access update, and now we lose Movies. All that remains is YouTube, and we wouldn't hold out much hope for that guy. (On the other hand, that Music isn't the only service to be cut off perhaps gives hope — fleeting or otherwise — that something other than record labels is to blame for the disappearing act and perhaps we'll see a rebirth down the road. Boy can dream.)

Get your upgrade on in Google Play, or at the link above.