Google Photos at I/O


During the Google I/O keynote address today in San Francisco, Anil Sabharwal, the company's Photos director, introduced the all-new Google Photo app. The app is separate from Google+. At this time the official Google Photos website is just a placeholder, but it will likely go live very soon.

Sabharwal said that Google Photos has been build from the ground up to be a safe and private place to store photos and videos from any device. He stated that the app will make it easy to share and save what matters to users. The app will offer automatic backup of images from smartphones, computers, and camera cards. The app will then organizes images, splitting them by dates, and users can easily jump down with the app's scroll widget. Users can pinch out to months, then again to years and then swipe up to get out of photos.

Google Photos is coming later today

The Google Photos app is scheduled to launch later today for Android, iOS and the web, Google will offer unlimited cloud storage for Google Photos for images up to 16MP and videos up to 1080p.

Stay tuned as we will continue to post updates from today's Google I/O keynote event.