Google Photos

Updates to the Google Photos app and website today have added a couple new ways of adding to and tweaking albums. In version 1.2 of the app, when viewing an individual photo you'll now see a new "Add to album" option in the overflow menu, which will let you create a new album with just that photo or add to a previously-created one. While you've always been able to do this from the main gallery view — even when you had multiple photos selected — it's just as useful when viewing a single photo. For quicker multi-photo selecting, you can now long-press on a date header in the gallery view to instantly select all photos from that day as well.

While viewing a photo that's already in an album you'll also see an option to make it the album cover, if you'd prefer to have something specific rather than just a randomly-selected photo as the cover. If the selected photo is already the cover, you can remove it as a cover and move back to the auto-generated one.

Google Photos editing

Also while viewing an individual photo, you can now add your own description — just tap the information (small "i") button in the bottom bar, and select the field where you see "Add a description." The description will show up alongside the normal location and EXIF data from the photo, no matter where you view it. The extra information should presumably help when you search for items in the Google Photos app as well.

The subtle changes are now available in the latest Android app and on the Google Photos website.