google play material design

Google is already using its Material Design style for its in-house Android apps such as the Google Play Store, and with the upcoming launch of Android 5.0 Lollipop on the horizon, the company is giving developers some guidelines on how best to adapt their apps to the new standard. Today, Google offered a full checklist to give developers even more help in making their Material Design apps.

The list goes through bullet points such as making sure apps have a print-like look for its user interface, adding realistic motion to transition animations and more. While it's on the technical side, it is a fascinating read into how Google would prefer to see apps created with the Material Design aesthetic. For example, in terms of app page surfaces, the checklist states, "There are generally between 2 and 10 surfaces on the screen at once; avoid too much layering/nesting of surfaces."

Is the new Material Design style an improvement over the older Android app guidelines?

Source: Google Developers Blog