Chromebook Pixel

Google is trying to make things right with the owners of Chromebook Pixels on Verizon that are seeing their included data come to an unexpected end. When the LTE Chromebook Pixel launched on Verizon a year ago, it came with 100MB a month of free 4G data for two years. Verizon has apparently decided that deal no longer needs to stand, so they're ending it. Knowing that the handful of people that bought an LTE Pixel would be understandably upset, Google's offering to make it up with $150.

The $150 credit is coming in the form of a Visa gift card, which the recipient can use for whatever they want. Should it be continued Verizon data service for the Chromebook Pixel, they should note that they'll only get a few months of service out of that at best, but at least they'll be getting more than 100MB/month.

Google plans to offer the $150 to all who bought a Verizon LTE Chromebook Pixel. For their part, Verizon says that "we apologize for this and are working on a solution for those customers." Knowing Verizon, that solution might just end up costing the user more in the long term.

Does this effort by Google help to make things right, or is it too little too late?

Source: Computerworld