Google Now travel results

Google Now is constantly picking up new features that don't even require an app update, and the latest is localized results based on your upcoming hotel reservations. If you've booked a hotel and have a confirmation email sent to your Gmail account, you can now ask Google Now to show you relevant information based on the location of the hotel.

You can ask make requests like "Show me restaurants near my hotel" and "Give me directions to my hotel" and Google Now will simply find out where your hotel is and give you information based on that, accompanied by a card with the hotel name, location and dates of your stay.

This new feature will be helpful both before and during your trips, surely, though it looks like the number of phrases that are applicable to a hotel search are limited. But it sure beats having to remember the address of a hotel you're only staying at temporarily, or feeding in an oddly-named place and hoping Google Now figures it out.

If you have an upcoming trip you can try out this feature now right from the Google Search app.

Source: +Google