Earlier this year, Russia's local search engine Yandex filed a complaint with the country's privacy watchdog, the Federal Antimonopoly Service, over the apps Google pre-installed on Android. The regulator has concluded its investigation, finding Google guilty of "abusing its dominant market position."

The regulator will deliver its findings to Google within ten days, which will propose changes to the way it bundles services:

In particular, FAS Russia can prescribe it to adjust the agreements with the manufacturers of mobile devices, eliminating them from the agreements with those items that restrict the installation of these devices applications and services to other developers.

In a statement, Google said that it would determine its course of action once the final ruling is delivered:

We haven't yet received the ruling. When we do we will study it and determine our next steps.

The search giant tussled with a French privacy watchdog earlier this year over expansion of "right to be forgotten" requests globally, and is currently being investigated in India over possible rigging of search results.

Source: Federal Antimonopoly Service; Via: TechCrunch

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