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Get more information from websites without leaving Google's search page

A couple new features are being rolled out today in Google's mobile search page, both designed to help users get the information they need without having to navigate away from their search results. 

'Quick view' allows users to see a snapshot of the website that was returned during a Google search. A pop up image will appear, and the option is given to either continue to the site or close the preview and return to the search results. Currently quick view is only available for English Wikipedia sites, but Google is working to bring this feature to more sites (interested webmasters can register here). Hit the break for more.

Source: Google Search blog

Rotten Tomatoes

'Quick links' makes sub-search results expandable, revealing links to the parts of websites that users are really interested in, without having to search through the main site. In Google's example, finding the New Movies in Theaters section of Rotten Tomatoes is done right from the search results page.

These features weren't live as of the time of this writing, but Google has stated we will see them today. Got them on your phone yet? Do they actually make things easier? Hit the comments with your findings.