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Previous contractual obligations may see Google getting involved in the current patent lawsuit trial between Samsung and Apple. According to testimony by a Google lawyer today, the contract associated with bringing Google apps to Samsung's devices has Google pick up some of the defense associated with patent lawsuits that go against Samsung. Although exact terms of the licensing agreement between the companies aren't known, indications are that at least some of Apple's complaints against Samsung have enough to do with Google's software that it has to be involved with the court case.

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On Samsung's side, statements from its representatives indicate that the company isn't entirely sure whether or not Samsung will have to call in assistance from Google in defense of the case. Throughout the course of this case Samsung has called several Google employees to testify in its defense, including lead Android engineers, according to Recode. Samsung still denies that any of its products infringe on the patents in question in the case.

Source: Recode

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