Steampunk goggles

Rumor has it Google Goggles may become more than just an image recognition app for your smartphone. An anonymous source claims to have seen a pair of glasses being prototyped at Google that will run Android and connect to the cloud either through local Wi-Fi or when tethered to the internet over Bluetooth to your smartphone. Outward-facing cameras would capture the world, and overlay the image with contextual location data, like most augmented reality apps. That final image would then be displayed on a tiny screen over one of the two eyes. Apparently you'll be able to navigate the user interface with head tilting, which will no doubt get you some weird looks in public.

The glasses will supposedly have a decent amount of horsepower, currently running with hardware roughly one generation behind the current smartphones. Of course, whatever the source may have seen was just some crazy skunkworks concept that never sees the light of day; for now, Google is supposedly unsure if it will fly, and will at best be launching a Chromebook-style private beta program to test the waters. 

This is cool, not necessarily because the idea is new (Vuzix already has something in the market), but because Google's doing it. They've got the platform and the reach to turn augmented reality glasses into every dork's wet dream into a thing that real people do. Now, if Google could cram Kinect-style gesture recognition or some pico projector interaction into these glasses, then you'd have something really futuristic.  

Source: 9to5Google, pic