Google's wireless, in-network casting abilities are one of the better parts of subscribing to the Android ecosystem, which is why the company's continually tweaking it to work better. Android Police reports that there are some minor changes rolling out that will hopefully make it easier for multi-device households to use casting.

At present, if you're streaming something, say, from your Google Home in the kitchen, anyone else with an Android device connected to the same network could see that there's an active casting session somewhere in the house, but not whether it was them doing the casting or someone else. As a result, having this alert made omnipresent in the notification shade means there were often accidental stops for whatever's streaming, simply because it wasn't informative about who was streaming.

Google Casting notification

Google's apparently working on making this notification more explicit. The feature isn't live for everyone just yet, but it appears to be slowly rolling out. Swipe down, and you'll see that a device is casting on the Wi-Fi network. There are still buttons for starting and stopping the stream, but you don't have to touch those if you don't want to. And it's nice so that if you're watching TV with other Android users, for instance, they can stop the stream if needed without unlocking your personal device.