Google acquires Timeful to improve their own services

Several Google apps might be getting a whole lot smarter in the coming months thanks to Google's acquisition of Timeful, Inc. Currently, Google's apps offer a great deal of productivity improvements already, like adding calendar appointments from Gmail, or getting started on your to-do list from Inbox, but it all has room for improvement. Until now, we needed to decide for ourselves what time to set appointments, or when to snooze emails until in order to get them done by the deadline, but soon Google apps may be able to do this for you thanks to the Timeful purchase.

From Google:

The Timeful team has built an impressive system that helps you organize your life by understanding your schedule, habits and needs. You can tell Timeful you want to exercise three times a week or that you need to call the bank by next Tuesday, and their system will make sure you get it done based on an understanding of both your schedule and your priorities. We're excited about all the ways Timeful's technology can be applied across products like Inbox, Calendar and beyond, so we can do more of the work for you and let you focus on being creative, having fun and spending time with the people you care about.

While we likely won't see the changes right away, and many of them will take place behind the scenes, it is great to know these services will continue to improve and work better for everyone.

Source: Gmail Blog