Google is redesigning the way we'll see ads on our devices, making things easier for developers to deliver ads that are both relevant and look good. In the past, it's been easier to try and shrink down an ad to fit onto a phone or tablet, but these new formats (rolling out during the next few months) should change all that.

Today, we're excited to announce that over the coming months we will launch several mobile display ad formats and tools across the Google Display Network, the AdMob Network and DoubleClick that will make it easier for advertisers to build successful ads that work across screens.

While nobody really likes ads, there's no reason they have to look bad. These new tools should make it easy for ad designers to make static and video ads that are better looking across all screen sizes, and hopefully, for them, more engaging for those of us who have to see them.

For more info and examples, visit the source link.

Source: Google