Google Keep

Google's totally-not-a-post-it-note app has been an oddity in their ecosystem for a while now. Keep is treated like one of the Drive apps in the way it isn't installed by default, but doesn't really integrate well with much of anything. It's a great standalone note-taking app that syncs across Android and the web — and really when you think about it that's all a simple note-taking app should be doing — but it has never really felt as integrated as the core Google apps.

That changes a little tomorrow, as Google Keep is updated to allow quick export to Google Docs.

The update is nice and simple, offering a button to copy to Google Docs that creates a separate file for you to access the more powerful editing features with the same content. It also doesn't mess with anything in Keep if you edit the Docs version but still want those notes at a glance.

Simple updates to Keep are the best way to go, and deeper integration with Google's other services is exactly what we all want. Keep an eye out for the update to hit your phones sometime tomorrow.