The addition of labels means that you can now tack any number of labels you want onto a task in Google Keep, grouping tasks by whatever grouping you desire. Priority tasks, project tasks, daily to-dos, the honey do list, and so forth.

While the addition of labels is a welcome one, recurring reminders could be potentially revelatory. Reminders can be set to the default choices of daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, or you can set your own custom interval. Just imagine: weekly reminders to take out the trash that don't clutter up your calendar, or a monthly reminder to submit your work receipts to corporate before your boss comes down on you for being late with them again.

And, of course, you can combine — recurring tasks with labels. Oh, it's a brave new world out their for Google Keep. And yes, we're aware that these aren't ground-breaking features and that other task services and apps have implemented their own versions. And that's great, we're just happy to see them attached to Google Keep now.

Source: +Android