Google I/O 2016


In last week's poll we asked what your favorite announcement at the Google I/O keynote was. There were plenty of awesome announcements from a new messaging client called Allo, to the new Android Wear 2.0. Google I/O always gives us plenty to get excited about, and this year was no exception.

Poll results

Google Home took first place in our poll, snatching up 31.29% of the votes. In second place was Google Assistant with a solid 25.33%. Allo Messenger managed to sneak into third with 19.95% of the vote. In four place was Android Wear 2.0 with 13.42% of the overall vote. Duo video grabbed up only 6.65% of the vote, enough to slide into fifth place. Android Studio 2.2 came in last, getting only 3.35% of the vote.

Was Google Home your favorite announcement? Did your fave not make our poll list? Pop into the comments and let us know what you think!