Google Car

Google has been developing self-driving cars for some time but some recently uncovered documents reveal that it has also quietly started its own subsidiary car company, titled (what else?) Google Auto LLC.

According to The Guardian Google set up Google Auto way back in 2011 as a limited liability company to help test its modified Lexus cars that it used as the basis for some of its first self-driving cars. Later, it expanded into a full-fledged car maker, becoming licensed in 2014 to build its prototype vehicles.

The Guardian added:

Paperwork filed by Google Auto with the NHTSA, and seen by the Guardian, indicates that the cars are rear-wheel drive in design, with each wheel having its own braking system. The cars are powered by a modest 20-30kW electric motor from a lithium ion battery. All the cars built so far have been assembled on the outskirts of Detroit, Michigan, by Google's manufacturing partner, the engineering firm Roush."

Google Auto is, not surprisingly, headed up by Chris Urmson, who is also the project lead for Google's self-driving cars. The company's first prototype vehicles started driving on some of California's roads earlier this year.

Source: The Guardian