Google Glass XE16.1 update

Following up on the big jump from XE12 to XE16 last week that brought Google Glass up to running KitKat, a small bugfix update to XE16.1 is now hitting the wearable. We have no official word on what the update brings, but given the relative instability we've noticed on Glass since the XE16 update we're not surprised that a quick point released bugfix update was required. As far as user-facing changes go we don't immediately notice anything, so let's hope there are some good under-the-hood changes being made.

Our own set of Glass pulled down the update and restarted automatically while charging this morning, so there shouldn't be anything you need to do in order to get it going other than plugging it into a charger. If you've got Glass and notice something new after the update, be sure to sing out in the comments and let us know.