Google Glass Enterprise Edition makes it to the FCC

According to a new listing at the FCC, it appears as though the Enterprise Edition of Google Glass may be nearing a release. The Google Glass division has gone through a number of changes over the past few months, and the hardware is rumored to be targeted at healthcare, energy and manufacturing companies. The listing comes with some new pictures that show off the hardware, both inside an out.

The hardware also has a hinge that allows the display to be folded in, either reducing the size of the unit for travel or to move the heads-up display out of the way when not needed. The metal bar also appears to have a hinge on the other side, which would allow this to fold like a conventional pair of glasses. Overall, it looks very similar to the first offering, with some minor visual changes.

Google has yet to make any official announcements about the future of Glass hardware, availability, or pricing.

Source: FCC; Via: 9to5Google